Mary Kirk

Mary Kirk, a Principal based in Dallas/Fort Worth, contributes to Allata's strategy practice and co-leads Diversity and Belonging. As a resourceful and energetic Program Manager, she has a long track record of ensuring projects are delivered at the highest quality, within budget parameters, and effectively managing resources to quickly adapt to fluctuating environments. She is a strong communicator and influencer that strives to provide top-class services by focusing on business process efficiencies while leading projects, teams, and customers with the highest ethical standards. Mary has expertly led medium to large-scale marketing, commercial, industrial, and technology projects across a wide array of industries including semiconductor, supply chain, automotive, banking, airlines, home warranty, non-profit, and waste management. In her free time, Mary enjoys listening to music/podcasts, traveling, volunteering, Pickleball, and spending time with her family and friends. Mary has successfully raised two young men; who are now forging their own paths. Mary is a graduate of St. Edwards University with a degree in Business Administration.

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