Better family.
Better clients.
Better us.

Family comes first. Clients are king. We take great care of our people. That’s the Allata mantra. We love solving complex problems to make businesses run better. And we know we can’t do that without strong family and trusting clients.
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A better place to work

Our centralized development team means more face-to-face collaboration and technical problem solving for our projects and faster growth for our team members. Problem solving is more efficient. Resources are more abundant. Experience and knowledge come faster. And the team wins more. We’re built better to build better. We are always Allata.
  • All Purpose
  • All Together
  • All In
  • All Kinds
  • All Accounted For
  • All for One
  • One for All
  • All the Time

Work where you are

We encourage Allatians to work wherever they need to, so that their days can be effective, efficient, and sustainable.  

We have Allatians all over the U.S., with physical offices in Texas, Arizona, and Idaho. Our offices are always available for you if you want to work side-by-side with others, join in on a social event, or just need a different place to work that day. We’ve fully embraced remote work, and still offer everyone opportunities to engage through clubs, groups, quarterly socials, and annual meetups.
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Be who you are

We hire people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. We value diversity and differences and want our people to feel valued and appreciated. We are committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that reflects us as individuals and our values as Allata.

What team members say about Allata

Jacquelyn Kiefner
Boise, ID
If you’re looking to grow your technical skills at an accelerated rate, enjoy problem-solving in a collaborative environment, and want to work with a great group of individuals, Allata is the place for you.
Paul Corsi
Boise, ID
I immediately felt included. Opinions (personal and professional) are all taken into consideration. Having the support of the entire company, CEO to the newest hire, drives you to succeed.
Jeff Johnson
Austin, TX
I knew I made the right decision to work for Allata when I saw that “Family First” was one of their core values. I have a wife, two kids, and two dogs. It was important for me to be part of a company that gave me the flexibility to support the most important people in my life.
Mai Swindell
Dallas, TX
The growth framework is set into place to allow you to achieve your own success with guidance from your mentors, leadership and most importantly yourself. Setting and committing to your goals, showing growth, staying curious and working hard will give you the toolset you need in order to be successful.
Ally Garza
Dallas, TX
Both the Diversity & Belonging and Allata Ladies in Tech are groups within Allata that are particularly encouraging to me. Being a part of supportive communities is so important; and to also have that space at work, among your coworkers, is validating and valuable.
Darryl Kilzer
Boise, ID
Promoting lifetime learning and sharing my knowledge are important values to me personally. I knew I had made the right decision in joining Allata seeing their dedication to these values through creating opportunities for learning, internal training support, and unique training programs. This aspect of the culture was the perfect fit for me.
Alex Jenson
Dallas, TX
I knew Allata was the place for me after hearing about the professional development opportunities that Allata provides its employees. Since joining Allata I feel like I have been given the tools I need to be successful in my career.
Demi Dion
Boise, ID
I am very proud to get to experience the positive reinforcement within the company by learning from my mistakes and growing upwards within the firm. Allata leads greatness and enjoys seeing the success in every individual.

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