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The automotive landscape is rapidly evolving due to EV proliferation, autonomous solutions, connected tech, micro and shared mobility, features-as-a-service, and advanced driver assistance systems and displays. As a result, analytics, distributed integrations, information security, personalization, smart supply chains, and modernization are steering the attention of this industry’s tech executives.

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Data management and advanced integrations

As vehicles embed more and more technology and services, the scale and criticality of data flows within and to-and-from the vehicle are increasing. Data management and advanced integrations are critical at both the product and enterprise level. Allata can help you pick the best approach, optimize what you have, and/or implement a high-performing solution.


Application development

The vehicle owner experience increasingly includes interactions with multiple applications and their UIs. Understanding and personalizing the customer journey through experience driven design is essential to effective product development. Allata embeds design professionals in our solution delivery teams, directly alongside technology resources, to produce exceptional user experiences.



Keeping pace with the rate of technical innovation and feature loading in this industry requires keeping pace at the enterprise operations level as well. As younger companies scale, as well as more established ones innovate, keeping core platforms up to date is often more of a requirement for enterprise performance, than an option. Allata works with clients to identify where modernization makes sense and makes it a reality.

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