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Efficiency and information are core operating tenants of this industry. Intelligent transportation systems, predictive analytics, adaptive supply chains, AR/VR, and last mile innovations are taking these principles to new heights. Allata can help develop a roadmap, as well as build the applications and integrations that lead to digital excellence.

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Strategy and roadmap

In an industry characterized by a thirst for information and a need for operating efficiency, deciding the best path forward can be difficult. When adopting those innovations can transform the operating model that enables your business, exploring and testing is essential to industry leadership. Allata can work with you to identify and evaluate options, explore the art of the possible, test ideas via proof-of-concept projects, and plan a path forward.


Predictive analytics

Understanding traffic patterns, capacity utilization, and fleet status is key to running an effective transportation and logistics company. Through the use of analytical models, companies can generate predictive insights to provide advance warnings of network characteristics that are expected to get out of balance. We work with clients to build, train, and test such models, resulting in significant network optimization opportunities.


Advanced integrations

Logistics networks are getting increasingly complex, with multi-modal last mile delivery, third party service provision, and consistent flows of real time data. Selecting an approach to distributed data ingestion and data integration can make or break the efficiency of your optimization models. Allata works with clients to define the best approach to data management and multi-point integrations.

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