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Slowing growth, layoffs, geopolitical pressures, and supply chain challenges are common discussion topics in this industry. These factors are fueling interest in operational efficiency, automation, and advanced analytics. Simultaneously, AI developments such as Gen AI have created new opportunities as well. Collectively, these trends have placed this industry in a reset period.

With Allata, you get…


Value through AI investment

Advancements in AI, including the advent of Generative AI, have uncovered new opportunities for numerous tech firms to build new offerings and features, either as standalone products or integrated with existing ones. Allata works with its clients from identification and prioritization of value-creating AI use cases, to development of solutions that provide automation, pattern recognition, predictive algorithms, generated content, and more.


Operational improvement and modernization

With increasing pressures to grow margin, many firms in this sector are looking for new ways to gain margin points. Old operating models, processes, and technology can sometimes be an impediment to efficiency. We help clients identify opportunity areas across the enterprise, establish roadmaps for remediation, and execute. Our unique blend of consulting expertise and industry leadership experience enhance our ability to do all this at speed.


Advanced analytics

Unlocking insights in your data can reveal opportunities to enhance enterprise performance and efficiency in areas such as sales targeting, pricing optimization, supply chain risk management, and administrative cycle time reduction. Allata can help you setup the right data pipeline and analytics stack to find hidden opportunities for cost reduction, revenue lift, and growth.

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