Unlock the Power of Data Products.

At Allata, we specialize in creating innovative data products that empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data. Our data product approach provides actionable insights, streamlines operations, and drives informed decision-making across various industries.

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Data Productization brings people, processes, and technology together to deliver value. Data-centric organizations are inherently more agile and have reduced friction to realize business value.

Phase ONE


The assessment phase focuses on identifying the essential business capabilities required and determining key data product use cases that provide tangible business value. This phase involves thoroughly analyzing the current state, including existing data sources, reporting and analytic systems, governance frameworks, and the existing team. Based on this assessment, an initial roadmap is proposed, outlining the necessary steps to move forward.

Phase Two


In Phase Two, a prototype data platform is developed, emphasizing the creation of data products that add significant value and address specific use cases identified in the assessment phase. These prototypes are designed to demonstrate the potential of the data platform and showcase its ability to generate actionable insights. Accelerators are used to quickly implement the necessary platform infrastructure to deliver the Data Products.  By creating tangible data products aligned with business needs, this phase validates the architecture and capabilities of the data platform.



Phase Three focuses on scaling up the data product delivery engine and the platform architecture proven to provide value by the initial data products. Having built a strong foundation with the prototype data platform and successfully delivering data products that meet business requirements, this phase involves expanding the infrastructure and scaling up the systems to handle larger, more diverse and more complex datasets with increased usage.  The aim is to drive valuable insights and outcomes that are aligned with the capabilities and use cases identified in the assessment phase and validating the platform can handle the demands of the organization.

Unlock the power of data products.

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