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Fintech-driven innovation, plus recent deposit panic events, have underscored the importance of enhancing and personalizing the customer experience, attracting and retaining the right customers, predicting and managing risk, and modernizing batch-centric financial services operations. Allata works with clients to envision and implement data-enabled, high-performance, experience-tuned capabilities to keep you competitive.

With Allata, you get…


High-performance operations

Allata rapidly assesses where there are opportunities for performance improvement, defines and evaluates options, and implements creative solutions. Solutions can involve automation, AI, operating model changes, and/or process refinement. In the case of traditional financial services entities, such improvements are not only important for efficiency, but also to remain competitive.


Data-driven insights

Financial Services customers are increasingly expecting personalization from their banking service providers. Furthermore, financial institutions need to better understand their customers to both attract the best customer profiles and retain them over time. Allata can help to deploy solutions that provide the right data at the right time to enable insight-driven decisions and support an enhanced customer experience.



In an industry experiencing disruption from Fintech innovators and rising consumer expectations, looking at ways to modernize is more than a nice to have, it is a must have activity. Modernization can take the form or automation, re-platforming, or transformative operating or business model implementation. Allata partners with clients to identify modernization needs and opportunities and charts a course for high-impact change.

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