Explore Generative AI from Multiple Perspectives.

Are you looking for ways to effectively utilize Generative AI (GAI) within an organization to drive innovation and competitive advantage? Our approach addresses the challenge of generating relevant GAI ideas, prioritizing them, and providing guidance for their implementation within the context of an enterprise framework.

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Innovate with Confidence: Discover and Prioritize AI Ideas to Drive Strategic Impact Across Your Enterprise Framework.

Phase ONE

Strategic Context

This process involves using strategic guidelines, goals, operational priorities, challenges, opportunities, and market factors to analyze the industry and competition within an enterprise framework. The outcome is a comprehensive summary of the strategic context, which provides valuable insights for generating ideas on potential applications of Generative AI (GAI). This summary helps your organization identify areas where GAI can drive innovation and competitive advantage, leading to the development of a GAI strategy within the enterprise framework.

Phase Two

Relevant Ideation

The enterprise framework is analyzed with regard to a strategic context summary, potential focus areas, AI evolution, capabilities, trends, and risks, as well as AI value levers. This analysis compiles relevant GAI ideas, each with a name, description, and expected value. The output of this analysis serves as a guide for the prioritization stage, assisting the organization in selecting and refining the most impactful GAI initiatives across the enterprise framework.

Phase Three


Using the enterprise framework, we utilize relevant GAI concepts, templates, and prioritization frameworks to create a list of GAI ideas based on priority. The most important ideas are then documented as concept cards, which serve as a guide for decision-making and support the implementation of valuable GAI initiatives within the organization.

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