Real Estate & Construction

Re-imagine the Workflow and Experience.

Global construction company utilizing cranes on a construction site.

How We Can Help

Digital transformation of the customer and worker journeys, coupled with timely access to data, is changing this industry from project inception, to engineering, procurement and construction, to sale, ownership, use, and management. Allata can help you harness tech-enabled change from investments in areas such as collaboration, integration, data platforms and tools, and operating model redesign.

With Allata, you get…


High-performance workflows and an enhanced experience

We evaluate workflows from a journey and experience perspective, as well as an operational one. We look for ways to introduce new approaches including automation, AI, and embedded data so that cycle times, experience, and impact can be transformed. Whatever the strategy is, we envision and capture value for relevant stakeholders and boost operating performance.


High impact insight through data and analytics

Our data analytics experts help you assemble the capabilities to generate market, customer, and project insights as well as reveal the performance attributes and trends of complex functions like engineering, construction, and property operations. We inject real-time information into workflows to enable rapid action, control risks, and enable opportunity capture.


Architecture and integration for operational improvement

We have a long history of supporting the real estate and construction industry. We can work with you to holistically evaluate your business and technical architecture, looking for opportunities to enhance or extend business capabilities and performance in alignment with your strategy. No matter how complex, we can transform your operating architecture.

Envision and realize transformation.

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