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Staying Profitable and Competitively Differentiated.

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How We Can Help

Services companies are investing in gaining operational efficiencies, IP-led innovation, attracting and retaining talent, and AI to stimulate growth and stay profitable. We partner with Professional and Administrative Services clients to envision and deploy digital capabilities that yield bottom-line impact and drive meaningful go-to-market capabilities.

With Allata, you get…


Profitable growth

In the high-touch business of professional and administrative services, building and maintaining an operating platform that scales and supports the needs of a growing practice is essential to firm resilience and competitive positioning. We help our clients establish and build such platforms quickly or assemble them as part of post-merger integration.


Applications and tools

Having the right tool or application is essential to both market-facing and internal-facing services teams. It can also distinguish between attracting new talent and/or keeping existing talent. Whether the need is web-based, a mobile app, or a back-office administrative platform, we can work with you to shape and build a high-value solution.


Market-facing differentiation

In a crowded market, the positioning of Professional and Administrative Services companies must provide a compelling and efficient customer experience. We can work with you to determine and implement the best-differentiated content and experience to suit your needs.

Enable your success

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