Driving efficiency to achieve double daily volumes with enhanced uptime

asTech had ever-increasing business needs to support their national and European markets. See how Allata enabled asTech to fine-tune their strategic initiatives.

A man is utilizing tech to diagnose a car.

The Challenge

Tuning for a better tomorrow

asTech® is an automotive diagnostic and vehicle electronic service provider. Our client supports national and European markets with the ability to dispatch a mobile team throughout the US to quickly diagnose the need for repairs in over 20 plus markets. When their system started to see a steady uptick in daily diagnostic scans, their backend system needed to be fine-tuned to account for the growing business. In conjunction with the ever-increasing business needs, a strategic initiative launched to automate the diagnostic scan process – a process that can be tedious but requires attention to detail. 

The Solution

The nuts and bolts

asTech® not only needed to have a backend that could handle the growing organization but also a backend infrastructure in place that could handle the automation initiative. They needed a solution that would allow them to scale – a system for a better tomorrow. Our team enhanced their backend data infrastructure and implemented SQL server best-practice methodologies. Our team also implemented a handful of UI enhancements to further empower the asTech® technicians and dispatching teams – allowing each group to more efficiently manage their workload.

The Results

Today at asTech

asTech® has more than doubled their daily diagnostic scan volume and each of these improvements allowed the company to grow, keeping the organization online, available and operational 99% of the time. With the help of Allata, asTech continues to innovate and look for more ways to create efficiencies. The enhancements to the legacy application on the back end and front end resulted in the organization earning its trust back with end users.

We originally partnered with Allata on an RPA project. We quickly realized that their team could provide our organization so much more value.  Allata has helped us not only deploy our RPA solution, but improved our system uptime, helped us understand our application gaps, and provided a road map to success.  Allata defines what a partnership should look like.

John Sotello, Vice President Information Technology

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