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what we do

Develop interconnected digital strategies that align with business priorities, address ecosystem challenges, enable your organization to achieve value-based outcomes, and effectively navigate enterprise change.

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Develop a digital strategy in alignment with business goals. Define objectives, KPIs, and a prioritized digital roadmap supported by ROI based (or value based) business cases.

Capability Design and Cultivation

Identify and design core business functions that align with digital strategies, creating a structured architecture defining processes, data, tech, and people interactions to achieve objectives. This integrated approach serves as a transformation blueprint, ensuring business-capability alignment.

Business Process and Workflow Optimization

Identify, assess, and/or design business capabilities that align with digital strategies, creating a business architecture inclusive of the processes, data, tech, and people interactions necessary to achieve business objectives. This integrated approach serves as a transformation blueprint, driving sustainable high-impact change.

Operating Model

Define and implement a strategic framework, processes, and governance structures that guide digital initiatives across the extended enterprise. Ensure alignment with business goals, optimize resource allocation, and decision-making for digital success.

Platform Selection

Harness the expertise of our team to identify, evaluate, and recommend the ideal platform solution tailored to your unique business needs. Through a rigorous analysis process, we streamline the selection journey, saving you time, resources, and potential pitfalls as we guide you towards a solution that best aligns with your objectives.

Project Advisory and Execution

Establish structured processes, policies, and guidelines governing decision-making, compliance, and performance. This includes PMO oversight responsibilities and alignment with strategic goals, along with measurement, analysis, and risk management.

Pursue proven strategies that fuel growth.

The Allata team has been incredibly patient and attentive as we worked together to design an online solution for our high-speed driver’s registration.

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We look holistically across your ecosystem, confirming priorities, understanding capabilities, recognizing challenges, and developing digital strategies to guide you toward digital excellence.

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