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Bridging the Gap with Seamless Solutions and Collaborative Guidance

Allata implemented a collaborative virtual classroom solution for the client, providing documentation, scheduled meetings, and video conferencing tools. Daily follow-up addressed concerns and queries, strengthening the client's technical staff and providing problem-solving assistance.

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  • Efficient decision-making and knowledge sharing through real-world experiences and success cases.
  • Strengthening of technical capabilities in previously unexplored technologies.
  • Streamlined problem-solving with daily query monitoring.
  • Comprehensive guidance using detailed documents for implementation and problem-solving.
  • Prompt problem resolution during videoconference meetings.

Tools & technology

  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • EC2
  • EKS
  • VPC
  • ELB

The Challenge

Empowering Your IT Staff with Expert Mentoring for Seamless Incident Management

Our client, a digital commerce agency specialized in large scale digital implementations, needed to update the knowledge and technical skills of their IT staff in technologies in which they had to provide support. We proposed a scheme where a Allata team of software and DevOps engineers, mentored their staff throughout the lifecycle of incident support.

The Solution

Transforming Learning into Action for Seamless Solutions

The implemented solution was based on the fluent interaction between us and the client. We implemented a collaborative virtual classroom, very useful to make documentation and information available in different formats (videos, presentations, documents, and more), schedule meetings, and carry them out virtually via video conferencing tools.

We devised a daily follow-up of the client’s concerns and queries. In addition to the official documentation for each tool, custom documents were generated, including the client’s infrastructure and environment:

The Results

Unleashing Potential through Collaborative Solutions and Expert Guidance

The solution met and exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering efficient and impactful results. The Allata specialists shared their practical experiences and success cases, offering valuable insights and criteria to support decision-making and expedite results. They strengthened the technical capabilities of the client’s IT staff, consolidating their knowledge and best practices in new technologies. Daily monitoring of queries ensured continuous support during the problem-solving process. Detailed documents served as a guide for technology implementation and issue resolution. Video conference meetings addressed client concerns and sometimes led to immediate problem resolution. The successful resolution of problems under the supervision of Allata specialists motivated the client. Specialized advice was provided for implementations and infrastructure changes. The guidance and experiences shared helped the client anticipate consequences and make informed decisions. Allata provided motivation, support, and encouragement to embrace new technologies and take calculated risks. They also shared additional resources and recommendations, including books, workshops, and other learning tools, to facilitate personal and professional growth.

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