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Improved detail and delivery in the development process.

Allata identified areas for improvement in the client's solution and focused on implementing backend response caching, configurable view templates, centralized form usage, improved folder structure and component reusability, segregated services, and restructured routes.

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  • Active collaboration with the pre-existing team of developers. Allata’s developers joined their agile dynamics, guiding development towards a solution with an even higher level of detail and quality. 
  • Significantly better development robustness, performance and reliability of the solution.
  • Improved versatility for key components of the application, leading to a notable reduction in development times during changes to the solution.
  • Improved architecture and quality of the solution, facilitating the maintenance and extensibility of the solution.


  • ReactJS (React Router, React-Query, Custom Hooks, Context API, Error Boundary, Material-UI)
  • .NET (LINQ)
  • SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps
  • Postman Collections

The Challenge

Accelerate Development

Our client develops management systems to support product manufacturing, data collection from all areas involved in the manufacturing process, and presentation of this data in a simple, effective way for users to manage and modify production processes. 

This client chose to partner with Allata in order to develop new modules to expand and maintain their solution.

The Solution

Resource optimization

After analyzing their solution, Allata identified poorly optimized resources, such as repetitive calls to the backend, confusing and inadequate architecture associated with the base components of the application, design with poor focus on component reusability and the absence of industry best practices, among other opportunities for improvement. 

To improve the solution, Allata decided to focus on the: 

The Results

Enhanced delivery quality

By incorporating Allata developers into their team, our client was able to speed up development time and ended up with an optimized solution regarding resource usage and response speeds that would be much easier to maintain, scale and extend, as well as provide higher quality deliverables.

The developers at Allata collaborated closely with the pre-existing team, resulting in improved detail and quality in the development process. As a result, the solution became significantly more robust and reliable and performed better than before. Moreover, the critical components of the application were made more versatile, resulting in shorter development times for changes to the solution. The architecture and overall quality of the solution were also enhanced, making it easier to maintain and extend.

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