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Transforming Healthcare with Simplified Documentation and Developer Tools

Allata developed a solution for a healthcare IT company by creating a Postman collection with API calls and incorporating guidelines for usage. They deployed a ReactJS web application in AWS using Amazon S3 for hosting and storage. The solution allows the company to provide comprehensive documentation and tools for clients to effectively use their APIs, benefiting both technical and non-technical teams.

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  • Enhanced client experience through comprehensive documentation
  • Efficient knowledge transfer to non-technical teams
  • Simplified implementation for developers using the Postman collection
  • Leveraging advanced tools and technologies for improved functionality

Tools and technology

  • AWS S3
  • ReactJS 
  • Postman 

The Challenge

Powering Healthcare Transformation through Advanced Connectivity and Analytics

A top-tier healthcare IT company reached out to Allata to improve documentation for their hallmark product: a healthcare platform that provides industry-leading analytics, expansive data, and unparalleled connection and data transfer between providers, payers, and consumers. Ultimately, the product’s aim is to enhance workflows, increase administrative and financial efficiencies, and improve clinical decisions.

To meet their clients’ growing needs, this healthcare IT company required help with creating robust documentation so that their clients could better leverage their APIs. By partnering with Allata, they were able to simplify, clarify and expand their documentation to facilitate the integration process for their clients.

The Solution

Seamless Integration and Streamlined User Experience for Healthcare IT Solutions

To accomplish this, Allata moved forward with the development of a Postman collection, including all the API calls, and incorporated a description with guidelines for correct usage in every request. Additionally, a ReactJS web application was implemented, which used the Postman collection as a datasource for parsing this information using this healthcare IT company’s proprietary component libraries and following the UI guidelines and styles implemented throughout all their solutions. 

For this solution, Allata designed a simple architecture: 

The solution was deployed in the AWS cloud using Amazon S3 for serving the static website and for storage. It works as follows: when the user calls the Documentation website, the React application gets the Postman collection, parses and formats it, and then returns it as HTML to the user. Since the documentation can contain Markdown, the site processes and renders it inside the pages.

The Results

Empowering Clients with User-centric Documentation and Developer-friendly Tools

Once the solution was deployed, this healthcare IT company was able to provide their clients with simple, comprehensive documentation and tools to help them utilize their APIs according to their standards. The Documentation website provides the information to the client’s non-technical team, while the Postman collection helps their developer team with implementing calls as designed.

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