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Innovating Financial Services with Digital Evolution and Collaborative Efficiency

Allata collaborated with Naranja Engineering to develop Khatu, a "vending machine" product that provides developers with a user-friendly interface to access and integrate various assets within Naranja's Digital Ecosystem, including infrastructure models, templates, and legacy service integrations.

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  • Added collaborators with extensive knowledge in implementing frontend and backend technologies.
  • Fostered a more collaborative environment within the team for efficient product development.
  • Expedited the development process and delivered products more efficiently with additional resources and expertise from Allata.
  • Expanded the team’s abilities to work with diverse technologies, effectively tackling frontend and backend requirements.
  • Implemented various technologies positively influenced the overall quality of the developed products.

Tools & Technology

  • AWS
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • CodeBuild
  • SQS
  • S3
  • EC2
  • Api Gateway
  • Serverless
  • Node
  • Express
  • Redis

The Challenge

Unleashing Innovation in Financial Services through Digital Evolution

Naranja is a company recognized on a national level for providing financial services. Technological advances in the sector drove the strategy they called “Digital Evolution” which involved adapting the business core to cloud computing technologies by applying agile development methodologies.

This strategy required the alignment of external and internal collaborators from multiple areas and backgrounds, who had to get acquainted with the technological legacy of the client and have the tools to quickly implement new products that interact with the entire ecosystem of services.

The Solution

Empowering Developers, Enhancing Efficiency

To accompany the vision of the Developer Experience Naranja Engineering team on how to make the delivery of digital solutions more efficient, Allata joined the development of “Khatu” – a product classified as a “vending machine” of different solutions and products developed on Naranja’s Digital Ecosystem, such as standard infrastructure models, templates for different defined architectures and integration with legacy services.

Khatu provides developers with an easy-to-use interface that makes available different assets developed by specialized teams, such as the creation of EKS clusters with defined rules and VPCs, or templates that integrate a BFF within a ready to deploy Lambda function, and cloud billing management.

The goal of the product is to enhance the developers’ experience so that they can focus on product development and creating customer value without worrying about defining or integrating those solutions into the existing ecosystem.

Khatu’s API interacts with different internal products developed in different technologies, such as terraform, Pulumi, Ansible, etc.

The Results

Elevating Development Teams with Expertise and Collaboration

The client came to Allata to add collaborators to a multidisciplinary team already in place, tasked with product development. As an added value, Allata contributed its knowledge and experience in the implementation of different technologies required both in the frontend and backend.

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