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Enhancing the omni-channel experience, adopting increasingly frictionless approaches, applying advanced insights, personalization, and ensuring efficient and resilient operations are but a few of Retail & Distribution’s highest priorities. Allata will work with you to envision and deploy solutions that deliver digital excellence to your customers and partners.

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Embracing cross-channel customer interaction and enabling physical and virtual world integration is an increasingly widespread consumer retail expectation. Thinking through all aspects of the consumer experience, including channel integration, is second nature to Allata. We work with clients to identify the source of value for consumers and then design and build to deliver that value.



Reliable, well-governed data and an overlaying distributed analytical capability are increasingly critical to staying competitive and resilient in this business. Putting such a capability into place can be challenging, requiring an approach that comprehends the nuances of your data sources and operating model. We work with our clients at the technical, process, and organizational levels to enable high-value data insights.


Efficient and Intelligent Operations

In a world of increasingly high consumer expectations, intense competitive pressure, and diminishing brand loyalty, Retailers and Distributors must remove operational friction and cost to maintain performance and agility. Investment in Industry 4.0 technology, along with building digital connections horizontally and vertically, are key investment areas in this industry.

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