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Founder Shares Initiatives In Motion and the Vision for the Next 5 Years

This month on August 6, 2021 we celebrated Allata Day, an annual company holiday recognized as the first Friday to commemorate the founding of Allata in August 2016.

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Over the last five years, we’ve been incredibly blessed as a firm. We have grown from 2 to over 200 Allatians across 12 states and three countries, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable causes, and worked with over 60 clients on their most challenging initiatives. We’ve been recognized by Inc 500 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies over the last three years. Honored in Dallas and Boise as a best place to work and given back through organizations such as the Idaho Community Foundation, Idaho Non-Profit Center, Wishes with Wings, and Brother Bills Helping Hand.

In my early days, I wrote a post titled Values-Driven Leadership. I shared the philosophy of what drives us at Allata, core values such as integrity, transparency, passion, community, self-actualization, and family. We are now five years into the journey, and while growing quickly, adding new clients and Allatians, our core values remain the same. Whether it’s client interactions, engagement with Allatians, or handling back-office operations, there are vital decisions to be made. Our value system allows us to move forward decisively and not overanalyze decisions that have aided our rapid growth.

Respectively due to cementing our values and because of our growth, we have been able to enact new initiatives as well as continue to achieve additional enterprises through our partnerships. Here are some of the exciting initiatives we have put in motion:

‍Allata Ascend

Starting February of 2021, we are onboarding an average of two new junior Allatians each month from colleges and code schools and heavily investing in their growth. Each junior Allatian receives three months of intensive training in programming, communication, and consulting skills, essential to being a valuable resource for our clients. The Ascend training platform will allow us to build a skilled group of future leaders in our firm. We will leverage the Ascend training to improve the skills of all Allatians across all our cohort levels.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

We have invested in educating ourselves on what it truly means to have a diverse and inclusive culture over the last year. We consider this to be a forever initiative within Allata as we are All-In with All-Kinds. We have a D&I leader on our management team who has recruited more than a dozen Allatians to continue our efforts in creating this culture of inclusion and understanding. One of our core values is to value diversity and respect each other, and this initiative will ensure this continues throughout the next chapter.

Allata Launch

We will either incubate internally or invest externally 1-2x a year in technology solutions we think can make a difference in their respective sector or for the greater good of society. Since our inception, we have made three major investments. The first was in a platform called HiredUp, which seeks to connect employers more seamlessly with potential employees via a video platform. This solution provides a platform for many service companies to quickly screen and recruit new candidates as the world opens post-pandemic, and we have an unprecedented labor shortage. Our second was a community software called HomeTurf. We incubated this idea internally to serve the DIY and HOA communities needing lawn care assistance. The last investment was with a company called GameSafe. GameSafe’s mission is to help parents protect the innocence of their children on online gaming platforms. With over 500K predators active daily on popular gaming platforms, this solution can’t arrive quickly enough.

I’m looking forward to the next five years at Allata. During this time, we plan to more than double in size in both revenue and employees. We will be intentional and focused on solving problems in industries like financial services and healthcare. We will increase our capabilities in newer technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and AR/VR. We will increase our geographic reach by adding offices and delivery centers. We will continue to give back to the communities in which we serve. It’s going to be the continuation of an incredible journey.

In closing, I am very excited to lead the amazing group of people that we’ve assembled at Allata. I am personally in awe of what our team has achieved in such a short time.

We grew as a firm during 2020, one of the most challenging years in history. I thank you, your families, and all our clients for making this possible and for your dedication to the firm we are building.

Matt Rosen
Founder & CEO

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These are the core values statements of Allata:

  • We act with integrity and everything we do is with purpose.
  • We stand strong as individuals and stronger together. We make each other better.
  • We show up every day with passion, have fun, and are accountable for our actions.
  • We value diversity and respect each other. We are transparent and have no hidden agendas.
  • We are present and committed to our families, clients, and our communities.

These values statements are not just words on a webpage, or a sign printed in our office. As a leadership team, we review, discuss, and internalize them on a daily basis. The solutions we deliver can be incredibly complex, but our business is an easy one. We do what we say we will do and reward and recognize those who live our values. We also have a company mantra which is Family first, Clients are king, and We take great care of our people.  We have found that when we focus on our mission, values, and mantra, the rest will take care of itself. 

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