Nurseline After Hours Telephone Triage

Nurseline After Hours Telephone Triage

For Nurseline it is crucial to offer continuity and consistency to provide exemplary telephonic care. See how Allata helped Nurseline get to the heart of the matter.

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The Challenge

Love it or leave it

Our client, NurseLine, offers peace of mind to their clients by providing night, weekend, and holiday telephone triage for hospice and home health agencies across the United States of America. For Nurseline’s clients, it is crucial to offer continuity and consistency by gathering the necessary information to provide exemplary telephonic care. The ease of collecting healthcare call data is vital to the process that allows NurseLine to provide transparent care that helps their expert nurses to give the appropriate protocols for patients. Upon our first assessment, the client was tracking this vital data in an outdated application that was not scalable and lacked efficiencies for the end-user. Our goal was to create a new scalable, maintainable, and HIPAA compliant application for tracking pertinent healthcare call data, making it easy for the client to leave their old solution behind.

The Solution

A labor of love

Working together with NurseLine’s technology team, we guided the client through the process of selecting a cloud infrastructure provider by clarifying requirements and providing minimum expectations of a solution that would best complement their needs. As an added element, we also worked to ensure that the product was in-line with HIPAA compliance. Armed with the clarity of technical, service, security, and data governance, our team was able to build a web application that could be deployed in any cloud infrastructure to meet the client’s evolving requirements. The solution was designed to extend to meet future roadmap milestones as well.

The nurses love Triage Tracker as it has removed some of their workflows and made them more productive and less error-prone.

Devang Patel, President, VP Operations for NurseLine After Hours Telephone Triage
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The Results

At the heart of the matter

Utilizing a team of three Allatian members, we were able to architect and deliver a new web-based solution that has improved nurse workflow and the reduced overall effort of tracking client communications. At the heart of the matter, our work has done much more than improve workflows for the nurses, we have also enabled each team member to provide much-needed relief to Hospice nurses and their patients.

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