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Revolutionizing content management for a global hospitality leader

This global hospitality company manages and franchises luxury and business hotels, resorts, and vacation properties. With over 2,100 properties worldwide, they operate under four collections and 30 unique brands. The company is committed to sustainability, community engagement, and reducing its environmental impact while supporting local communities.

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The Challenge

Content Management at scale

The client faced the challenge of managing the content for each of its 2,100 website properties, which was time-consuming and inefficient with a team of 50 individuals in the digital organization. Manual processes and outdated technology hindered efficiency and productivity. Managing content across a global organization with diverse brands posed significant challenges. Each brand had its own story, voice, and imagery, making content management complex.

The Chief Digital Officer enlisted Allata’s expertise to assess the digital processes, uncover any challenges, and identify opportunities for enhancement.

The Solution

Transforming Intake Processes for Effortless Efficiency

Allata conducted an 8-week process assessment to examine the digital content team’s operations. The assessment revealed numerous opportunities, including technology enhancements, process improvements, and considerations for the team members involved. A primary finding was that the intake process, handled through Word documents, presented significant issues due to outdated forms, lack of data validation, and overall inefficiency.

To address the intake process challenges, Allata recommended the implementation of web forms using a low-code, no-code solution. This approach allowed the digital content team to create more efficient web forms and host them on the company’s intranet. Stakeholders no longer needed to search for specific Word documents; instead, they had a streamlined, guided web form catering to their needs. The step-by-step process simplified the content update requests and improved the overall user experience for stakeholders.

The solution implemented by Allata received an overwhelmingly positive response from client stakeholders. They were replacing the manual and outdated Word documents with a visually guided web form, which allowed for ease of use and eliminated confusion. The digital group received praise from the field for eliminating the cumbersome process and providing a user-friendly interface. The client expressed their satisfaction with the implemented improvements, acknowledging the positive impact on efficiency and overall operations.

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The Results

Content Management elevated

In collaboration with the client, Allata successfully addressed the challenges the digital content team faced in managing website content for 2,100 properties. Implementing a web form-based intake process replaced the manual and outdated Word documents, resulting in increased efficiency and improved user experience for stakeholders. The client recognized the value of Allata’s expertise and recommendations, leading to a more streamlined and effective digital content management process.

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