Sun Valley Tour de Force

Revving up success for a cause

Allata was chosen to streamline the registration process allowing users to enter their details online, reducing a time-consuming and manual practice.

A white porsche 911 driving down a mountain road, displaying strategic driving skills.

The Challenge

Charitable Needs and the Need for Speed 

Sun Valley Tour de Force (SVTdF) hosts an annual fundraising event designed to engage visiting and local car enthusiasts that combine their passion for cars and support a good cause. The three-day event includes a high-speed run, sponsored events, and a live auction fundraiser. The signature event is the no-speed limit runs, where supercars, exotics, and collectible automobile owners have the rare opportunity to drive their vehicles on a stretch of Idaho State Highway 75. SVTdF dedicates proceeds from the annual event to a local Idaho non-profit beneficiary, The Hunger Coalition.   

 For the event’s first five years, SVTdF’s driver registration process was entirely manual; both new and returning drivers received the PDF registration form to complete and return manually. After submitting a completed sign-up form, the co-directors exported data into an Excel spreadsheet and manually filtered personal data. The process was fraught with discrepancies and lengthy communications back and forth to request and confirm updates.

The Solution

A Technology Tune-Up 

Whitney Werth Slade, co-director of SVTdF, reached out to Allata as a trusted partner to streamline the process allowing users to enter their details online and provide SVTdF visibility to drivers’ information. Allata’s developers implemented a responsive web application hosted in Azure using ASP.NET Core. They provided authentication and authorization and the capability to diagnose and troubleshoot quickly. The team engineered Entity Framework Core as a cross-platform, allowing data to be saved, retrieved, deleted, and updated via the web and mobile application. 

The Allata team has been incredibly patient and attentive as we worked together to design an online solution for our high-speed driver’s registration. The ability to integrate this online tool into our workflow will save our Sun Valley Tour de Force team hours that used to be spent on data entry and sending manual reminders to our drivers. That time is much better spent on fundraising and elevating our guest experience. We are grateful to Allata for giving us that time back.

Maya Blix, Co-Founder, Sun Valley Tour de Force
A group of innovative individuals standing in front of a lineup of tech cars.

The Results

Zero-to-253 Registration Services 

SVTdF expects this new online platform to increase the organization’s efficiency and optimize the drivers’ user experience by reducing administration time, improving data accuracy, streamlining communication, and growing event participation by reaching a wider audience online. SVTdF has goals to implement e-commerce into this application at a later stage providing new opportunities.

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