Supply chain management provider

Transforming the Supply Chain by Streamlining, Securing, and Scaling IaC Solutions

Allata implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform to quickly create a secure and reproducible infrastructure for the client. This allowed for isolation between environments, restricted access through a VPN, encryption of databases, optimized AWS resource usage, and comprehensive documentation and instructions for administration.

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  • Improved security through Terraform-based infrastructure creation and versioning.
  • Isolation of environments, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Secure access to infrastructure via a controlled VPN server.
  • Support for multiple development environments.
  • Encryption of all databases using KMS.
  • Facilitated access to web and DB servers through internal name resolution.
  • Optimization of AWS resource utilization.
  • S3 bucket encryption.
  • Comprehensive documentation and detailed instructions for VPN administration.

Tools & Technology

  • OpenVPN
  • Gitlab
  • Terraform
  • Lambda
  • Route53
  • VPC Peering
  • Cloudfront
  • S3 buckets
  • RDS
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Certificate Manager
  • API Gateway

The Challenge

Transforming Supply Chain Infrastructure

Our client is a global supply chain management provider who provides low-cost solutions, risk mitigation, and strategic sourcing. The way they managed their infrastructure was a manual and tedious process that relied on several different people, whose criteria determined what changes were made. This was a less than ideal way to manage resources, with little adherence to best practices. Due to this, and after a detailed analysis of the problem, Allata proposed the client to adapt its infrastructure, based on best practices for security, incorporating the use of AWS resources and using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through Terraform.

Previous Architecture

The Solution

Streamline, Secure, and Scale to Effortlessly Build and Protect Infrastructure.

The solution had to allow the creation of a productive and development infrastructure in a quick way and at the same time compliant with given security standards. For this purpose, we used Infrastructure as Code for the provision of the infrastructure, which allows us to keep a detailed record of changes in the infrastructure and to replicate and deploy it with minimal effort.

Additionally, we adjusted the settings to improve security within the infrastructure. This was achieved by isolating environments from the Internet, and between each other.

This way, those who have access to one environment do not automatically acquire access to the rest. Likewise, a VPN service was implemented as the only point of access to the components of the infrastructure. Also, MFA mandatory use policies were implemented for all users who have access to the AWS console.

It is worth mentioning that necessary foundations were left in place for future implementations of high availability in the productive environment.

The Results

Enhanced Infrastructure Security with IaC, Isolation, Encryption, and Efficiency.

The client came to Allata with the goal of improving security within their infrastructure. We used IaC to create it from Terraform code, so that it could be secured and easily recreated if necessary.

Among the benefits achieved can be mentioned:

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