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What and why is programming important?

Software development is one of the professions currently in high demand, not only at the local level but also internationally, with previously unimaginable high salaries and economic stability. Therefore, if you are contemplating a career in software, consider the following points.

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At first sight, software development seems complicated and even an impossible profession. It may be thought of as only for people with a high IQ or for those who are willing to sit  for hours on end in front of a computer. If you allow me to, I can correct these misconceptions about this wonderful profession, as well as explain that anyone can become a successful software developer.

So, what is programming?

The answer is very simple: you write code to build software.  There are many different programming languages, same as there are many languages across nations. You simply choose one to write your code. Where? In any text editor or IDE (which is a program or combination of programs which include a series of improvements to speed up the coding process). You will have to make sure you respect the syntax of the chosen language for your code to work. The code you produce can then be run on a web browser, a mobile device or a computer, depending obviously on the type of software you are building.

Diverging from this, as you may have noted, there are diverse manners to build software. It is not the same to develop a mobile application than a web system that can be rendered in any browser or the same application but for a PC. This is a minor issue, though. At first it is probable that you don’t know which types of development you like, but you shouldn’t worry: with study and practice you will find out what you prefer.

Programming is very important, not only at a personal and professional level, but also as the axis of all technological development.

Software is in small and medium companies, in large corporations, in computers, cellphones and all kinds of electric devices, in appliances, in cars and airplanes, in medicine and most professions, it is used to elaborate predictive models and for weather forecasting, in simple games and in multiplayer role playing games, to create all types of simulators like the ones used by pilots, in intelligent houses, and the list goes on and on.

Software development is not only here to stay, but also to greatly amplify the developmental capacities of everyone. It is not only an excellent profession nowadays, but also will be in the future. Software is adapting to the huge advances in technology as well as pushing them further along.

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