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The journey to simplify the complex, embed intelligence in highly distributed supply chains, and embrace technology to automate, build resiliency, and address shifting customer demands is challenging. We understand these pressures and can convert technology investments into valuable capabilities that help you reach your desired destination at speed.

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Data centricity

Pivoting operationally and culturally to put data at the center of all you do is no small task. But data centricity creates the agility, resiliency, and operational visibility essential to Aerospace and Defense. Allata partners with you to enable the technology, process, and organizational ingredients required to achieve this goal.


Connected operations

Today’s enterprise architectures often include complex, heterogeneous webs of distributed systems that can slow down operational insight, or even cause different versions of the truth. Allata guides you through integrating and synchronizing these complex architectures to drive digital excellence and operating performance.


Speed to value

Inevitably, delivering high impact is multi-dimensional and challenging. In Aerospace and Defense it also tends to be quite complex. Capturing the value from major change initiatives takes clarity of vision, holistic thinking, an engineering mindset, and execution finesse. Allata brings these attributes and more to accomplish the most strategic missions at hyperspeed.

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Results in Action

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Revolutionizing real estate document access and driving revenue growth

Associa is an industry leader in property management for community associations, serving nearly five million homeowners every day. One of their flagship offerings, Community Archives (CA) was re-platformed enabling the removal of complexity from the shopper experience through the employment of modern cloud-based technologies and AWS Well Architected Framework.
Enterprise financial services provider

Login VSI Reduces Cost of Services With Automated Launching of EC2 Instances

Login VSI needed to validate both capacity and high-availability capabilities for a client’s VDI. Login VSI turned to Allata to provide a virtual server infrastructure in AWS to support the load testing against a NetScaler MPX SSL VPN configuration. The client requested Login VSI provide the infrastructure components to assist with expediting the testing process for 20,000 simulated end users. The testing allowed the client to successfully identify and mitigate issues prior to the VDI going live.

VyoPath Creates SaaS Revenue Stream by Leveraging Allata in Artificial Intelligence

To enable clients to detect cyber risks, VyoPath wanted to expand its packet flow collector and turn it into a robust network analysis platform—by adding artificial intelligence capabilities to detect cyber-threat scenarios such as brute force, denial-of-service, and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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