Energy & Utilities

Adapt to Market and Operating Challenges.

A strategic array of innovative solar panels and wind turbines populate a vast field, harnessing the power of clean tech.

How We Can Help

This industry is constantly evolving as consolidation, renewable energy, new entrants, geopolitical forces, and regulation place both strategic and operational pressures on market participants. Allata is ready to guide you from strategy to execution as you make Industry 4.0 digital investments, enhance data and analytics, and adjust your operating model.

With Allata, you get…


Digital excellence

Industry 4.0 technologies like Digital Twins, IoT, and AI are enabling Energy and Utility companies to drive enhanced operational performance and proactively manage risk. Developing a strategy for embracing these technologies, as well as charting and navigating the journey to digital excellence are just two of many ways we can help you elevate your business.


Increased data impact

Industries, such as Energy and Utilities, which have complex value chains and a high dependence on third parties to fulfill their mission are thirsty for proactive, real-time, and insight-revealing data. Allata helps clients identify where exposing data can provide critical visibility and enable decision agility, and then deploys bespoke solutions to deliver high impact.


Strategy-aligned operating model

In the world of digital transformation, much attention is directed to the technology. But a critical element of extracting ROI from that technology is thinking through how it will impact operations and thus, how processes and roles will be impacted. Allata works with clients to define multi-level operating models to embrace the benefits of technology and manage the change.

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