Environmental & Waste Service

Embracing Sustainability through Digital Excellence.

An aerial view of a wastewater treatment plant in the industries sector.

How We Can Help

As sustainability becomes a greater component of corporate strategy, environmental and waste services have invested in digital solutions to enhance and extend services. Smart bins, smart trucks, dynamic routing, AI/ML, real-time data, derivative products, and energy production are just some of the drivers of transformation. Allata can help industry players to define and realize digital excellence in this new era.

With Allata, you get…


Data-enabled performance

Embracing data to enhance enterprise performance requires the right platform, tools, governance, and integrations. Many organizations have fragmented and/or unreliable data and struggle to harness its transformative impact as part of workflows, decision-making, and strategy setting. Allata can collaborate with you to unlock value through data, in alignment with your strategy.


Complex program management

Large projects and transformations require a partner who can work with you to lead the change and manage the program at all levels from backlog management to executive alignment, and all points in between. Allata is accomplished at driving large programs to success, in partnership with you and other key stakeholders.


Reinvention of work

Modernizing the way things get done can often lead to ideas for reinvention. Automation, real-time data, new platforms, and new business architecture are all paths to new sources of value for internal and external stakeholders. Allata can help you assess opportunities to reconfigure operations and refine your business architecture for enhanced operational performance.

Transform your business.

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